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Internships in Beijing

Summer A  2012


Program Full

Program Description:

Application Deadline Extended!


The Office of Experiential Learning expects to provide an option for students interested in obtaining practical knowledge and work experience outside the USA through the creation of an 8 ½ week internship in Beijing, China for credit at UCF.

These internships are an excellent opportunity for participants to gain real-life experience within intended career fields while developing and practicing the skills needed to become successful professionals.  The internship abroad brings new cultures and places to the student’s experience and provides the opportunity to develop new skills of cross-cultural communication and adaptation.

Participants in this program will register for a minimum of 3 credit hours of internship courses at UCF. The specific course work will be administered through UCF Experiential Learning, unless your college or department requires direct supervision of your program.

Students will be evaluated through both a combination of hands-on working with company placement and by documenting cultural experiences and reflection.

Internship placement is available for both English and Mandarin speaking students.

Students on this program should plan to arrive in Beijing, China by noon on the starting day of the program in order to be in country to transfer to your accommodations.  Please note, check flight schedules carefully before booking. Students are encouraged not to purchase their flights until after the application deadline and the applicants have been informed that the program has met its minimum numbers.

Payment breakdown based upon the minimum number of students:

Payment 1:  $100 (non-refundable)

Payment 2:  $1000

Payment 3:  $2487.50

Payment 4:  $2487.50

Learning Outcomes:
  • Acquire an international and global perspective on the individual’s own career choice.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of Chinese culture and society as preparation to becoming a globally minded professional.
  • Develop and practice real-life skills needed to become a successful professional through experiential learning.
  • Obtain and demonstrate advanced cross-cultural adaptation and communication skills.
  • Compare and contrast the life/work experience in the USA and China
Program Prerequisites:
Minimum GPA: 2.75 cumulative
Language: English
Proficiency Level Required: English
Other Prerequisites: 

After students are approved for this program and have reconfirmed their applications, students will be required to submit the following documents to the Office of International Studies in Millican Hall #150:

  • Completed internship application (to be provided upon reconfirmation)
  • Cover letter (also in Mandarin for students seeking a Chinese speaking placement)
  • Resume/CV (also in Mandarin for students seeking a Chinese speaking placement)
  • Two letters of reference (one professional or from a volunteer position; one academic)
  • (2) Passport photos
  • Police background check
    • Students may go to the Orange County Sherriff’s Department Records Division, 2500 W Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32804 between Monday and Friday, 8AM-4:30PM
    • $10 Fee, bring your student ID

All documents must be received by the Office of International Studies by February 15, 2012.  Keep in mind, the earlier you turn in your required documentation, the better your chances are of getting an internship placement that specifically matches your interests.

Program Components and Costs:
Component: Program Fees

The following components are included as part of the program fee:

  • Student housing in twin international student residences
  • Meal stipend of RMB 350 per week
  • World student travel and medical insurance
  • Walking tour of local neighborhood
  • Arrival orientation and reception
  • “My Education” program of activities
  • Departure ceremony
  • Elementary or Intermediate Mandarin Language class (45 hr)
  • Analyzing and Exploring the Global City: Beijing class (45hr) or Chinese Economic Development:1978 Onward course (45 hr)
  • Internship placement with contact hours between 20-30 hrs per week
  • Top Up metro pass with 14 pre-loaded journeys per week.
  • Full day tour of the Great Wall and the Summer Palace.
  • Half day excursion to central Beijing, including Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.
  • Housing damage deposit (UCF will pay $150 on your behalf;  refundable upon completion)
  • Visa and processing fees


The following components are not included as part of the program fee:

  • UCF Tuition
  • Passport fees
  • Currency exchange fees
  • Personal travel not associated with the program
  • Additional meals not listed above
  • Incidentals
  • Tips and gratuities not associated with the program
  • Airport transfers
  • Internet service at student housing
Price (in US Dollars): 6075.00
Requirement: Mandatory
1st payment due:  Pending application approval
2nd payment due: 2012-02-24
3rd payment due: 2012-03-15
4th payment due: 2012-04-16
Study abroad fees are posted to the UCF student account. Payment procedures, types and cashier locations can be found here, on the UCF Registrar's website.
Faculty Program Coordinator:
Name: Ms Ulla Isaac
Email: ulla.isaac@ucf.edu
Office: CSEL 307
Program Dates:
Program Begins: 2012-05-23
Program Ends: 2012-07-21
Program Deadlines:
Last day to apply: 2012-02-24
Last day to withdraw/reconfirm: 2012-03-01
Academic Institution:
This program does not use a partner institution 
Additional information:
Program Map
Closest Domestic Consulate
Nearest US Embassy Abroad
US State Department Country Information
Currency Exchange Information
Visa Information:
Visa Required: Yes
Visa Application Date: 2012-03-30
Estimated Cost of the Visa: 
Additional Visa Information
Your visa requirements and cost may vary if you are not a US citizen. Please let OIS staff know if you are not using a US passport to ensure that we can address any differences in the immigration requirements.

Program Cost Disclaimer: The program cost does not cover UCF tuition, airfare (unless a program expressly and specifically includes this), independent travel, or personal expenses. Cost is approximate and may fluctuate due to changes in foreign currency or unforeseen circumstances. UCF reserves the right to alter or cancel the program at any time. In such cases, the university shall not be liable for airfare, transportation costs and/or any other costs incurred by the student. UCF, Office of International Studies will make reasonable efforts to notify students through reasonable means to inform the students to reserve their flights. Students should consult their travel agent about buying travel insurance to defray unanticipated costs in the event travel plans change. UCF will make reasonable efforts to notify students via Knights email when any significant changes are being made to the program. It is entirely within UCF's discretion as to what changes are considered significant.

University of Central Florida
Office of International Studies
4000 Central Florida Blvd, Millican Hall room 107 Orlando, FL 32816
Telephone (407) 882-2300 | Fax (407) 882-0240 | studyabroad@ucf.edu